A Windows Phone 8 app that allows you to search websites, the fastest and easiest way possible. Pick any search engine, type in your query, get the results. Simple as that!
Fitness App
Untitled Fitness App Project
We don't want to be saying too much right now, but we've been working on an ambitious new app for iOS/Android/WP8 for a few months. It will be aimed at fitness enthusiasts, regardless of their level. We still have a lot of work to do before it's ready, so please stick with us!
Unreal Engine 4
Unreal Engine 4 Development
Lately, we've been playing around with Unreal Engine 4 and we're loving it. It is most likely we will make use of it, for small-scale, ponctual games, or even long-term projects, depending on how it goes for us.
Ravace is an French independent development studio held up by Dimitri "Seyroth" Roziecki, former game designer and avid learner.
Our focus is simple: we are working on the kind of apps we feel we need and on the kind of games we want to play, while always paying great attention to detail and quality.